the Brazilian exhibition

17th April till 30th May 2011

The Mini Galeria has invited us to show our work but we prefer to put on a special show befitting this unique hand-made creation.

This exhibition is the first as it gave us the creative impluse to build this transatlantic project. With the help of our friend and ex-classmate Yannick Falisse who lives over there, we selected this particular medium then involved Juão Peixoto Guimaraes Neto, the local faixas painter. He specially produced up to a 100 of them and you will be able to admire the best ones at the galery as well as "in situ" photographs that bring up all the meaning if you look carefully !

The exhibition is composed of :
- more than 100 original faixas hung in a small space.
The visitor is invited to physically cross them.
- photographs of faixas in situations in 30 different locations split between Brazil and Belgium.

Opening 16th April at 7pm.

Thanks to the Mostra de Design 2011 the exhibition is extended to the end of May.

Belo Horizonte

Mini Galeria

Angelina Camelo
Mini Galeria
Av. Cristovão Colombo 550
Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais - Brazil

12 years 2 months ago